September 15th, 2001



ray, brian, jeff: why the hell do you bring jag home every night at 3am? when he says "drop me off", say "no". its not very hard.

anyhow. jag came home just a little while ago. hes always gotta be turning on the water works when he gets here (oh joy). *dont go, dont go, dont go. ill move to california. can i come with you to californa?" ummm, "no". damn, im all leavin here to get away from him and hes all tryin to follow me n shit. man. anytime im feeling good, jags gotta come along and try to fuck it up. today was just not a good day :o\ oh well.

ummm, so now what should i do. its 4:28 and im up. i think im hungry so i guess ill take care of that. fun stuff.

oh, check this out.Collapse )
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