September 18th, 2001


packin packin packin

jags snorin and im packin. i hate packin :o\ tonight sucked. when jag came home i sent out for some jack-in-the-box, BUT THEY WERE CLOSED!@#$!!@ they used to stay open 24/7. so did safeway. this place just keeps getting suckier and suckier! im glad im not gonna be here much longer. today (my today, your yesterday) jag had problems with getting things ready so he could go to the university. po po jag. im sure hell get in somehow. ummm, what else. oh, he has informed me that were are gonna get married once hes finished becoming a doctor, cause hes gonna hunt me down and take me away from whoever im with. "yay" or some shit like that. ha, good luck. i told him he should just give up now and get back with one of his ex hoes. "oh, guess who mailed me today!". hahaha. DONT WORRY MR & MRS. JOHAL. JAG SAYS "NO MORE HOES". he says ive taught him a few things (you can thank me later). 1) he doesnt *need* sex 2) um, ive forgotten what the others were. he says hell stalk me for a bit and if that doesnt work out hell try to find someone worthy. could this be the end of "ill hook up with anything". we shall see... so. i guess its back to packin for me. BBYE.
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