September 25th, 2001


so im back in california. yayyy!#$@!$#@!!$#@! the visit to lax was fuckin hell. i have blisters on my feet :o\ scott told me to wait for him at the luggage claim area, then some dude told me scott wouldnt be able to get in. when i called him (befire i found out he woulbe be able to get in) he said he was almost there, so i figured id take the shuttle (WITH SIX PEICES OF LUGGAGE) to lot c then call scott and tell him where i was, but i guess he was already in the airport and he had taken a shuttle to me (i was gone by this time). so he called jag and was like "i cant find her". then i had to hunt a pay phone that worked to call scott and tell him where i was. so he took a shuttle to me. then we went back and took a shuttle to his car. then we left lax. HORAY!#@%!#$@!

so we drove around alot (LOST) till we found mike and rex (theyre neat). we made fun of scott till it was time to go home ;o) then we left the coffee shop and drove around some more (GOT LOST AGAIN). then came home.

todaaay. we sat around till scotts mom came over with her boyfriend then we went out to eat. shes ok. didnt try to kill me or anything (hahaha).

maaan my tummy hurts. i think its still mad about them taking apart all my luggage at the airport (seattle). i had everything packed soooooooooo tight :o\ you have no idea how much i hate lax.

scotts cleaning house i think. ive taken over his computer (SORRY). maybe i should help now or something. ok, bbye.
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