October 16th, 2001



somebody pleeeeease put me to bed. i didnt expect to wake up when i did. i wanted to sleep throughout the night and wake up with the normal people :o\ i love bed. i want to live in bed. why do i have to wake up and leave my bed? whyyy??? i need a job i can do from my bed (other than selling my ass). hrm. if i go to bed now, what time will i wake up? will i be up all night? nooooo. not thaaaaat. my pills were supposed to keep me out till the sun came up. fuckin stupid sleeping pills. damn. ive been taking them too much lately. gonna have to learn how to sleep like normal people. i cant rely on my pretty blue pills forever.

whats with everyone quoting either "little shop of horrors" or "princess bride", today? freaks.
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