November 22nd, 2001


how you turned my world, you precious thing.

i just found a few classes i wanna take when im done with the ones im taking now. well, more than a few. but these im gonna wanna take immediately after, i think. awwwyea. hrm, or not. shit, im gonna really have to think about this one. damn. if i had my own apartment i could work and take most of the classes i want at once, i bet. i need a car. thats fo sho. i think what im gonna do is a put semi-used car on a credit card. ill be paying up the ass, but i neeeeeed a car and i dont want one thats gonna break down on me in a few weeks or some shit :o\ so ill just do that, suffer the credit cards payments for a while and pay it all off when i can. maybe. well see what comes up. i still need to talk to terry and see if her friend can hook me up. oh man, im gonna be paying back loans for ever and ever. im gonna be broke forever too. from paying off credit cards, apartment, loans and crap, ill never get to do anything fun. EVER!@#$@#!$@#! :o\ maybe i should take up drinking. thats a boring, inexpensive way of screwing up your body and having "fun" :o\ im gonna make a list of things i need and want and work on that. i need a list to remind me sometimes because ill forget then something else might come along and mess things up.
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