November 28th, 2001


now its your turn to cry. spend your life wondering why.

i went to school today and didnt have to test or nothin. woohoo. i was supposed to but i spent the whole time taking notes so dr. whats-his-name didnt bother me. he said just to let him know when im ready for it. awwyea. that will be NEVER. nah, but this test is a pain in the ass. i wonder if spelling is gonna count. man, i hope not :o\

oh my god. there is this guy who is in one of my classes an hour before me with his girlfriend. i dont know what they were doing in there when we came in but i guess he asked one of the chicks in my class if she was enjoying it and his girlfriend flipped. it was so nutty, i thought she was just messin around. she was like "someone is getting a little to close to my man", "i dont know her i and i dont want to know her. she just better get the fuck away from my man" i forget what else she said but it was too funny. i feel sorry for him. if thats how nutty she gets with people at school, imagine what shes like in a club. hahaha. she thinks of him as her doll or like a prize. i cant believe he stood there letting her go off on cindy like that. so sad. hes fuckin hot. shes cute, but not that cute. youd think shed be happy about having someone that people drool over. i would. shit, if he dumps her i wanna be next in line. hell yeah. id be so sweet, he wouldnt know how to handle it. shit, when im being a bitch im nicer than her. sdjhkdfgh.

damn. im still impressed by her nuttiness. im gonna be comparing everyones girlfriend nuttiness to hers for a while. i can tell.
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