December 5th, 2001


i need someone, a person to talk to, someone whod care to love. could it be you...

could it be you.

so now i owe about 10,000$, and in january ill owe about 20,000$ woohoo. ive been wanting to post but ive been so damn tired :o\ lets see. i shouldnt be allowed out of the house cause i spend a ton of money every time. the other day i went and bought a back pack, highlighters, pens, pencils, folders, n stuff. went to islands cause i was starving. walked around some more then went to startbucks and tried to study since it was raining outside. didnt get much done cause there were too many people in there. oh, when i went to islands i got drunk (kinda). one fuckin long island ice tea and i wasnt functioning properly. i must get this drunk look on my face cause the bartender asked if i was ok a few times. its a good thing i wasnt driving that day. vroom-vroom. it wasnt much fun trying to go shopping while i was drunk so i have to remember not to do that again. i still cant believe the way i was acting after only one drink. maybe it had something to do will all the sleeping pills ive been taking lately? i remember one time i was taking... trasadone? cause i asked for sleeping pills and they said i was depressed. i would only take them to sleep cause i could never remember any other time. anyhow, one day i decided to go party. man, i was fuuucked up. i didnt like being that fucked up so i walked home. some big friendly dog walked with me most of the way. good thing too cause it was late. it was my guardian doggie. anyhow, it stopped walking with me when i crossed the street cause it was afraid of all the cars. poor doggie. it was such a good doggie. i wish i could have taken it but it was huge, there was no way. i hope someone nice took it, or its owner found it. if i hadnt been so fucked up i would have remembered more about the dog to put up flyers. damnit. oh well, that was almost ten years ago. ten years? im fuckin old :o\ what the hell was i saying? who cares.
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