December 22nd, 2001


im up

im all proud of my ex roommate. some idiot that was working for him started all this drama, quit, then decided he wants to move to oregon and asked to borrow some money. last time someone asked to borrow money, hed said ok. never see it again. this time he said no. the guy asking for the money, i know. hes such a loser and will always be one. there is no hope for this freak. i swear its so hard to get a hold of my ex roommate. ive been on aim trying to stalk him for days already. ive only gotten to talk to him twice, each time for about three minutes cause he has to run off. wish hed sit still for a second.

my headache went away for a bit. i think its coming back now :o\ this calls for some aspirin.

yesterday was the first time in a long time i forgot to take my vitamins and melatonin. though i did get to bed early. trippy. it was probably all the driving around that made me so sleepy.

now im gonna go hunt me some food.
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hahaha. you cant comment on my journal anymore.

i want to shave my head. a while back i was thinking about getting dreads cause i figured when i got sick of them id just shave my head anyway since id have to cut em down real short to get rid of them anyhow. wouldnt that be fucked up? me... with no hair on my head... scary.

i think im gonna go to the store in a bit and buy booze then watch a dvd. if i drink im probably gonna wanna smoke. which sucks cause my mom would never let me do that in her house.

everyone one must have a life cause no one is online to talk to.

damn, im pathetic. something needs to be done about that.

i think ive gone insane.

i wonder if itll pass.

xmas sucks.
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i think i am losing my mind. today has been so fucked up. first i made it so people cant comment on my journal anymore cause i thought that maybe if people couldnt comment on my journal id get bored with the whole thing and stop using it. then i decided i wanted to get rid of my journal but still wanted to be able to read my friends list, so i put up a page saying it was deleted. then i thought "what good does that do? that just tells the people who read drom the main url not to waste their time anymore". i dont know what the hell is wrong with me. while i was in school i wanted it to be over so bad, but now that it is i dont know what to do with myself. its only been a few days, but at least it least it gave me something to do. i dont know what im gonna do for xmas. i dont want to be home for that day, but i dont know where i can go. i need to stay away from my computer. especially now that christmas and new years are only a few days away. i was fine then all of a sudden i started to go nutty. i probably should have gotten drunk tonight. how pathetic is that? really fuckin pathetic and im making myself sick. i need to do something fun that doesnt require the damage of more brain cells. i wanna move. dont know where. i should have planned a trip to somewhere before school starts. i already owe so much money on my credit card, whats a few thousand more, eh? it probably would have been good for me. oh well, too late now. fuck. what the hell is my problem. maybe i should just go to sleep.
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