December 27th, 2001


yall niggas be watchin too much abfab. some of you have been typing in a british accent.

speaking of abfab... did you know i watch that show every freakin day? im not kidding. i dont have a shit load of dvds and i dont like to put in a movie ive already seen, cause i know ill get bored and want to turn it off. so i just watch 30 minutes of abfab and come back online. BUT EVERY FREAKIN DAY#$@!$@! i like that show, but damn. anyhow, i rented "friends" so i wouldnt have to torture myself with abfab series 1-3 anymore. the dvds arrived a little while ago and ive already watched "the best of friends vol. 1". im gona have to pace myself. i was just so happy to be watching something other than abfab.

also, those online quizzes you people have been posting in your journals non stop, get dumber and dumber every time. these day people are just making stupid quizzes to get people to visit their site. "ooo, im so cool. 123215124525 took my quiz today". let me tell ya, youre not cool. youre fuckin annoying but ill take your quiz anyhow because im bored as hell and have nothing better to do.

ive been tracking my cell phone and it seems to be going the wrong direction. i hope it shows up tomorrow.

so i cleaned up a bit, but i havent cut my hair yet. maybe later.

pending, pending, pending...

oh, and ive been thinking about how ive been going boy crazy the past couple of days and how it seems to be fading. i think i was just lonely because of xmas, or something.
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