December 29th, 2001



you guys rule. thanks for all the text msgs. i was all excited about my new toy and you guys made it even more fun. i heard from sooo many people. it was neat. and now i know that the phone only hold 40 text msgs before it writes over old msgs. oh, man. ive gotta buy myself new toys more often. i get all giddy cause i never get anything. i also love to open things (mail, packages, presents). that makes me happy too.

i used to love, love, love, to receive mail utill i started getting older and the only mail i would receive was bills. now i dont like mail as much, but sometimes i get a pleasant surprise. like when the visa card came! cept now i dread getting the mail cause i know any day now its gonna be a piece of paper telling me i owe like ~5,000$ :o\ then ill wanna dieee. oh, well.

man, 2002 is gonna be kinda rough on me. ahhhhhhhhh!#$@!$@#!$@#!%@! i hate money. i cant wait till i start workin. then ill have money to pay things off, but right now im just gonna pull money out of my saving for a few months to make minimum payments on everything and my phone bill. oh god, and my insurance and gas. thats it. i need to remember i cant buy anything else. i can only spend money on things i need, like food, for the next six months, at least. uh oh. i think i better get a weekend job or else im not gonna make it.

maybe i shouldnt have gotten a phone. hahaha. nooo, i neeeeed a phone. i feel better now that i have one. now if i get lost of something i can just call someone. or if i need help, if i need to get a hold of someone, if someone needs to get a hold of me. i also need it cause the land line here is always busy cause of me and my computer. how will cute boys that i meet ever be able to reach me if i didnt have a cell? :oP when i move i dont think im gonna get a land line. i dont talk on the phone like i used to, anyhow. plus the cell is cheaper and it can go with me every where. thank god somthing for free anytime minutes, free night and weekend minutes and fee long distance. amen awyea.

so today ive been sitting here trying to figure out what my bills are gonna look like once i move, and they dont look like theyre gonna be so bad. i should be able to swing it, no problem. i might want a roommate or something for at least six months, though. i want everything paid off by 2003. i also want a bit of money sitting in a savings account just incase anything bad happens. so i guess thats what ill have to do. either that or i can live in the ghetto. ummm, i dont know about that. i guess it depends on which ghetto. some ghettos arent as annoying to me as others. i dont know why.
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