January 11th, 2002



ive been up since 6:30am and had nothing to do, so i started window shopping. boy, that was a stupid idea. not because i spent even more money that i dont have, but because i want, i want, i want.

yesterday this chick in class was wanting to do something for dr. whats-his-name cause his birthday passed this week. i didnt even pitch in on that. if i was rich, i would have. but seeing as the bastard fucked me over on one of my tests (turns out when someone else noticed what he did he let them retake the test, not me), he doesnt speak or understand english, but i had to paid lots of money to "teach" me, ive got a 4000$ credit card bill, plus the student loans. he can kiss my ass. she gave me dirty looks when i said i didnt have it. then i said i wouldnt want to pitch in anyway and she started telling everyone about it. she can kiss my ass too. shes making a big deal about it cause she just realized that she was teachers pet (noticed his birthday PASSED and she wants to do something for him NOW). oh well, im done with him, so thats good. its just a shame i cant be done with other things/people, as well. school is really getting on my nerves. i shouldnt say school. the people in my classes. id bitch more about this, but one of the chicks has my email address = also the url to my site. so, yeah. ive gotta deal with them just about everyday so ill keep my mouth shut just to make things easy(?) on myself. heh. maybe things would be a lot easier if i just went off on anyone who annoys the fuck out me, instead of trying to ignore it. i know id feel better.

which reminds me. i hate. i dont like most people, but i fuckin hate some. it never seems to fade away. as soon as i think about them, i can feel it. i feel it with my whole damn body. its insane. it makes me feel like ripping off all of my skin.

i think my car is done leaking, so i dont know what the fluid looks like :o\ dumbass jaime didnt call me after work. i may just have to take my car to the doctor. oh joy, something else ill have to put on my credit card :o\

ooooooh, yeeeeeah. im gonna be on my rag some time soon. can you tell? :oP
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i feel better. i took a nap and didnt wake up with my mom screaming about something stupid, so that was nice. now im talking to my shrink (not *my* shrink. the shrink) and hes trying to convince me that im not crazy. hahaha. i might have to make him #3 on the list of people i hate, cause hes been calling me kiddo lately :oP and for those of you who had to listen to my bitching last night, I AM A.O.K. my mother just drives me crazy sometimes :o\

im trying to think of something fun to do, that doesnt cost any money. cause according to the shrink, i need to get out of this house and do something "fun". like find cute guys to drool over. thatd be easy cept i dont have any money to blow on shit like coffee while i drool/study some where there are cute guys. oh well, i guess a few $$$ isnt gonna kill me :o\ maybe ill wait till jaime gets off of work and make him look at the fluids in my car or something. oooooh crap. i need gas :o\ i also think i want to buy a pack of cigarets. i only crave every once and a while and lately, i have been.

with all the money it looks like im gonna be blowing today, i should have just had domino come down to party, like we were talking about :o\

ooo, sammy is on. we like sammy. too bad hes not local.
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