January 13th, 2002


i had to take it...

Find out what kind of driver you are!

big surprise, eh?

now im gonna go sit in my car and program the radio stations, so i dont have to look for them while im in traffic. maybe ill get some gas, since i have to go out tomorrow :o\

oh, ive been thinking about wearing make up once again. usually i just go out with a bit of concealer, but i think i want to start doing my eye make-up, at least. good idea?

i also think i may be chopping off a bunch of my hair. may hair doesnt do anything neat. its just "there". the only thing is, i might get tired of doing my hair all the time. then itll probably look the way it does now, just a bit shorter. so i need to decide if i want to have to mess with my hair every morning. if not, ill just leave it the way it is, i guess.

i keep forgetting. angelfsh is my pimp.
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