January 17th, 2002


long time no post.

drove around a lot the other day. blew a half a tank of gas and ate up all the power steering fluid. good thing i remembered sammy telling me that if i was out of that stuff, id know it cause of the funky noise id hear when turning the wheel. so now im wondering if thats what was underneath my car. i dont know why the world is still up my ass when im going 80mph on a 65mph freeway. if i ever get a ticket or something, the world will have to suffer my driving 65mph.

most people suck. friends are useless to me.

gonna get me a job that doesnt pay crap, one of these days. somehow.

im all broken out. that means gonna be on my rag soon. oh joy.
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ive been trying to hook up with this dude about a job, for like, the past two days. it aint working and its pissing me off. i think i may be pmsing. im gonna try and meet with him tonight, i suppose. just to get it over and done with. i wanted to do this shit during the day, but since it is taking forever and i am so fucked are far as money is concerned, i just called him up and told him i want to get this over and done with as soon as possible, instead of tomorrow morning. so as long as its in public, i dont mind. if i end up dead or something, you know what happened. i dont trust this dude, or anyone for that matter. im such a foul mood, if he even looks at me funny, i might try to kill him. its a shame in not stronger. which reminds me. i need to start working out. my legs feel like they are going to fall off from sitting on the floor. i dont think the blood is getting to them anymore. im so unhealthy, and i just ate a bag of funyuns. i think that lump is my breasts is getting bigger, too. oh well. if im dying, its fuckin on. oh. he called my cell and i told him to call the land line cause the reception is crappy from inside my house. my mom picks up, and doesnt hang up. so i say "ive got it. hang up" and she starts going off on me cause im telling her to hang up WITH THIS DUDE ON THE PHONE. he asked if she was my sister. how fuckin embarrassing it was to have to tell him that it was my quasimoto lookin, bitch, cunt, of a fuckin mother.
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