March 1st, 2002


same old

yucko. my mom was at the sink as i was getting something to eat and i was like "there are no forks" (yes. that be how i said it) so she started wash one. im thinkin "cool". she hands me the fork and was it clean? nope. it has all this hard crap still stuck in between the thingys. so fuckin foul. then when i tell her (i didnt this time) that shes foul, she tells me im nuts. i still dont think she understands why i wont eat food shes touched and re wash everything she washes. its not like i dont show her all the crap she leaves on things. she is either retarded or doesnt give a fuck. either way she makes me ill. this house stinks, i cant see the floor, blah blah blah. shoot me. i think im gonna have to move and just charge rent on my credit card till i finish school and/or find a decent job. hrm. a light bulb just went off in my head. i think i might have just had a really good idea or a really, really bad one. ill have to think about that one a bit more. i cant wait to move, though. that would be so nice. im not used to being around here again and everything is irritating me.

lalala. im bored. i suppose i could study, but that sucks. hrm. what can i do, what can i do. i kinda want to go out, but i feel and look like ass, so i doubt thats gonna happen. !$@#!$#@!$@! i think iz gots to go poo.

ya know, im beginning to wonder how jaz is doing. she did a ton of drinking. ive havent seen her post yet. i hope shes ok.

im in the strangest mood. i want to give all the wrong people a big hug and a kiss on the forehead. not sure why. im sick.

oh yeah. jaz was givin me all kinds of lovin (well, not *all kinds* :oP) at the club. have you seen her? youre jealous, huh? you should be ;o) we also fell down really hard. i dont know if id be so jealous about that, though. :oP oh, and all my bruises from past falls are starting to color in nicely. i should take pictures or somethin. heh.


Bagamaagan: I gotta go now. maybe I'll see ya later tonight. take care. after reading your entry about the dunb guys I wish I could give you a hug, and not just to be a perv either ;-)
Bagamaagan: and I meant dumb, not bunb, whattever that is :-)
xangelicdestinyx: one sec
Bagamaagan: ok
Bagamaagan: *waiting*
xangelicdestinyx: ok
xangelicdestinyx: back
xangelicdestinyx: needed to do something then read what you said
xangelicdestinyx: done now
xangelicdestinyx: you may go
xangelicdestinyx: :oP
Bagamaagan: hahahahahahahahahhahahahaa
Bagamaagan: you're lucky I love you
xangelicdestinyx: hahaha :oP
Bagamaagan signed off at 10:32:38 PM.

5am now...
Bagamaagan: heh, I didn't think you'd still be here
xangelicdestinyx: i is
Bagamaagan: heh, I have a confession to make
Bagamaagan: when I read that dude was like 30 I thought "holy shit, she was willing to go out with an older guy around my age! fuck!
xangelicdestinyx: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
Bagamaagan: sooo... then I'm thinking about how when you wanted to escape seattle I was thinking that even if I didn't have to house-sit and wonder about my parents being stuck out of the country...
Bagamaagan: I figured I'd just be all stupid over you and feeling frustrated and lame cause I'm an old geezer
Bagamaagan: but I could have seduuuuuced you
Bagamaagan: and we'd now be married and living happily ever after
xangelicdestinyx: seeeeeeee
xangelicdestinyx: you fucked up
Bagamaagan: *cries*

Bagamaagan: I think I'll go do another set on the bench. tonight's the first time in a while that I've worked out at all
xangelicdestinyx: how come?
Bagamaagan: just never feel like I have the energy
Bagamaagan: I'll get over here and then get distracted with video games or IMing and then it's suddenly 10 hours later and I'm too tired
xangelicdestinyx: hahhaha
Bagamaagan: I did a few sets earlier, but I should really get on the bike for a while
xangelicdestinyx: um
xangelicdestinyx: sounds like fun (see how lazy i am? i should get off my ass and do something too)
Bagamaagan: heh
Bagamaagan: I just don't want to start gettin a gut and shit
xangelicdestinyx: stop drinkin the beeeeeeeeer
Bagamaagan: I'm sure eating a shitload of M&Ms helps

Yo whattap fatso: still up!?
xangelicdestinyx: yup
Yo whattap fatso: make me a sammich :-(
xangelicdestinyx: nope
Yo whattap fatso: wtf
Yo whattap fatso: aren't we being a bit greedy?!
xangelicdestinyx: yeah you are
Yo whattap fatso: wtf!
Yo whattap fatso: i meant we as in YOU
Yo whattap fatso: hey what city do you live in
xangelicdestinyx: why
Yo whattap fatso: so i know which to stay away from! 8-)
xangelicdestinyx: so funny
Yo whattap fatso: looking? yeah ha-ha
Yo whattap fatso: you're pretty mean
xangelicdestinyx: why do you say that?
Yo whattap fatso: the whole vibe you give out
xangelicdestinyx: ahhh
Yo whattap fatso: makes me want to start punching people in the stomach =-O
Yo whattap fatso: that and i quit smoking
xangelicdestinyx: i didnt
xangelicdestinyx: ive got a nice long cancer stick right here
Yo whattap fatso: i've been coughing up my lungs
Yo whattap fatso: =-O
Yo whattap fatso: you smoke reds?
xangelicdestinyx: sure.
xangelicdestinyx: anything i can get my hands on
Yo whattap fatso: haha
Yo whattap fatso: i was like that once
Yo whattap fatso: but i have standards now!
xangelicdestinyx: arent you just too damn cool
Yo whattap fatso: not really
Yo whattap fatso: you read books?
xangelicdestinyx: nope
Yo whattap fatso: you just hate life?
Yo whattap fatso: or pretend.
xangelicdestinyx: yes
xangelicdestinyx: both
Yo whattap fatso: i'm going to pretend to not talk to you then
Yo whattap fatso: bye :D
xangelicdestinyx: bbye
Auto response from Yo whattap fatso: im out fatties
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