March 7th, 2002


not a hippie.

weirdness. thats all. ive been feeling really weird. maybe its cause im sick. OH YEAH. IM SICK. SUCKS TO BE ME. i think im getting better, though.

damn, when the hell was the last time i posted? hrm. so i think it was saturday dwaine met me over at glens house. we all hung out. dwaine went home kinda early, though. i dont think hes used to spending as much time there as i am. so anyway, that night i started getting sick. it only took one beer to give me a buzz. that was weeeeeeeeeeeird. so ive been sick ever since. not fun, but glen has been taking care of me. he bought all kinds of tissues, medicine, soup and juice for me. oh, yeah. he bought me flowers the other day cause he was feeling bad about stuff. isnt that... ummm... nice. yeah, it was nice i guess, but it doesnt really change anything. he just mailed me saying that hes getting sick. so i guess i better buy him some. anything else going on? nope, i dont think so. i think my tags expired. now im afraid to drive. i hope that if i do drive, i dont get a ticket. please, please, please, no ticket :o\

since i know hes dying to see his name in the journal and people *still* msg me asking about him... i spoke to jag last night. dont worry he was behaving himself. no threat to my life... this time :oP he seems to be doing ok. hes in school, still thinks im "perfect", says hes gonna be "good" someday. good stuff.

ive been spending too much time online. ive been on for almost 24 hours sending people emails n stuff. im tired now. i think i should walk away form the computer for a bit. this would be perfect timing if glen would mail me back and tell me when hes gonna be home so i can bring soup, but its not. so ill sit and wait. my mom went somewhere. maybe shell come home soon and bring me food. that would be nice. im staaaaaaaaaaaaaaarving.
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