March 12th, 2002


i suck

school sucks. chatting on aim is cool, though. too bad i cant do that for the rest of the day. i need to get ready to go, but i wanted to fuckin post. maybe i will. ok.

so the other night i went to an old friends house. we hung out and ate pizza. i kinda ditched glen that night, but he was the one who lied and ditched me a few days (weeks?) ago, so i feel no sympathy. he thinks im playing games, but if i was playing games, dont ya think i would play them in evil mode? i think so. plus he would be the one who started them, so how the hell can he say he doesnt want to play? ah well. i told him not to wait for me and that id be over later. games are a waste of my time. im not *that* fucked up. ill just find someone who doesnt want to start them, period.

wish me luck. ive got things to take care of :o\ everyone should call or text message me, im sure ill be bored later on tonight. dont forget!#$@!$#@!

ugh. nevermind. i give up. i just dont have the motivation i used to. im not going anywhere. well, not anywhere, but not were i should be. i may go for a drive later, though. someone should call when i do that. ive got the ear phone plug thingy.

man. if id known i wasnt gonna do shit, i wouldnt have woken up :o\
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