March 21st, 2002


hoooooooooly shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

i just paid. 100$ on my cell. guess i didnt pay last month. i have a feeling im gonna go over my anytime minutes this month. too much talkin. need to make people call me back when its freeeeeeeee. 130$ on on ticket and when i tried to pay the other (80$) it told me it was closed. thats good, i think. called my insurance people and they said that i havent paid for 2 months so i owe them 200$, but when i tried to put that on my credit card it wouldnt let me. so i had the lady try and she says that i cant pay by credit card. i dont know why, but allstate says no. which is fucked cause i just checked my bank statement and only have 400$ cash in the bank and 200$ of it has to go to insurance today. so thatll leave me with 200 and thats all ill have to pay off my credit card off with till who knows when. fuckin aye :o\ i guess its good that when i go out people feed me or else i would never eat. im not gonna have any money left on my credit card soon. i think i need more credit cards. this sucks. i start school again soon, too. crappy job, and crappy school? damnit. then i wont have time to do anything else EVER and ill want to shoot myself in the head. oh, this is just wonderful :o\ fuuuuuuuuck still need tags and i need to take my car to the doctor cause of that damn "check engine" light. oh man. i am so fucked.
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