March 26th, 2002



went to school (happy scott father?). im almost ready to stat again. yay, i think.

lj party was cool. those people are nuts. i wanted to write more about it, but im lazy and probably dont remember as much as i should (my memory has always been sorta shitty. i never remember much until im reminded).

jag got depressed the other day and said he wouldnt be online for a while. i havent seen him on since. doubt hes still upset, so i wonder whats wrong. maybe hes in canada or something. ah well. ill give him a call when my minutes are free (went way over my anytime limit this month. im scared). ooo, maybe hes hiding from me.

oh, yeah. my friend died this weekend. pretty shitty, but ive been kind of expecting it (heroin). i wish she would have stayed i berkeley and become a lawyer like she had planed years and years ago, instead of doing the dominatrix thing. bbye jamie.
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