May 11th, 2002


glory and riches and stars are beyond our grasp, but a full stomach... that dream, can come true!

im starving. havent eaten all day, but chason wants me to be hungry cause im going over there for his birthday get together.

spent the night at jameseseses. gave him his massage. he says i can move in :oP snuck out at ~8am cause i woke up and wasnt tired at alllll, but he was like "its still sleepy time". i didnt feel like waiting.

called glen to see if he wanted his massage, but he had to work in a few minutes, so that didnt happen. i drove home. when glen got off from work he logged on to aim and was being his normal self, so i blocked him.

oh, yeah. some people seem to think i had something going on with glen. i didnt. nothing sexual went on between us. hes never even seen me naked, like most people i know. so, yeah. i never hooked up with that glen dude. say whaaat??? dont trip.

i cut my hair. it was getting sooo long, but it was fried at the ends. so i chopped off a few inches. not much of a difference in length, but it doesnt even feel like my hair anymore. weird.

i dont have anything to say. the only reason why i post in this thing is cause i have nothing better to do. though, im glad i do or else i probably wouldnt have met half of you people.
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