May 12th, 2002


fuckin phone

i should turn that bugger of before i go to bed.

my pervious post just reminde... remember how i said i never dated glen? well, i never dated scott either. i dont know why anyone would think such a thing. come on now.

went to chasons and had a nice little birthday dinner. his mom and step dad hooked it uuup. met a few of his homies, too. they seem pretty cool. we watched movies till who knows when, then i came home and craaaaaashed.

up now (see subject) and im guessing by all your posts its mothers day. good thing i dont have one of those. actually, i told my mom id go to the store for her and get soda last night, and i totally forgot. so i told her to make a list and id go now. she wants me to go *now*, so i told her id go when im ready since thats she always does to me. shell just sit on her ass and watch tv and let me be fucked cause shes to lazy to do easy crap like the laundry "you didnt give it to me by 8am so im not gonna do it" that was a rule i didnt know till after she decided to enforce it. see now if she was sane she would just let me to my own laundry, but nooo. oh well. shes just gonna have to wait or go herself.

anyhow, i dont have shit to do. so im just gonna sit here until something comes up, or i decided to watch a movie. ill turn the cam on while im sitting here since i havent done that in like a year or so. check it out if youre bored. youll get to see my nappy hair, zits and birthmarks. if it looks like im talking to myself, im not probably just singing along with the mp3s.

its off already. it was pissing me of and i gotta do some shit. ill turn it back on later.
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