June 7th, 2002


the dreams in which im dying are the best ive ever had

so like... hrm. why do i do this? i wait forever to post, then i dont remember what i wanted to say. oh well.

so there is this teacher at my school. shes indian and looks like she could be jags mother or aunt. i just hope theyre not related. anyhow, she went here (i think i wanna go there. send me to london. hurry! its hot in this house!!!) for SIX (6) YEARS. my god, thats fuckin insane. she spent a year on reflexology alone. anyhow, shes hookin it up. she gonna teach me reflexology on the side for super cheap. i think my other teacher is gonna teach me lastone therapy on the side for sorta cheap too. THEY RULE. im so glad my ex teacher quit. she was horrible. i cant belive i had her for such a long time. i want my fuckin money back, damnit. i am *so* pissed. oh well. the teachers we have now, all rule. well, cept for dr. whats his name. he still cant speak english.

pray for my headaches to stop being so unbearable. also for them to stop coming everyday like clockwork. ok? thanks.

i was just thinking. how did i go from that (meaning, the person i was 10 years ago) to this? who? what? where? when? how???

and, wtf is wrong with the way i look. why the hell dont i wax/shave (ok, i do sometimes) or wear makeup. how the hell did i go from the chick who always had her hair and makeup done *perfectly*, and would wake up at 6am to be sure of it. to the person who takes a shower, puts on her clothes, runs out the door and brushes her hair once a day, *if* that? well? gonna have to get on that shit now that i actually plan on leaving the house for work (if i ever get a job) n stuff. gotta start workin out too. tai chi is kicking my ass. yoga rules.

nreality: yeah.. i am not sure when i will draw my next picture.. i told myself i would take a break.. maybe a week or a lot longer... but when I do.. i would love to try to start up again with pics of you..
xangelicdestinyx: i got that lil cam
xangelicdestinyx: i should be taking a pic soon
nreality: yeah.. when ever you get the chance.. i would love to try to draw some out..
xangelicdestinyx: ok
xangelicdestinyx: well see what i look like when i wake up
nreality: probably a little scary than usual.. but always a goddess in my book..
xangelicdestinyx: ill probably look better when i wake up
xangelicdestinyx: i look like ass right now
nreality: someone as beautiful... even when you don't look your best.. you are still more beautiful than anyone..

see, thats how youre supposed to behave when you want someone to do something.
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my eyes light up when you call my name

cause i know youre gonna treat me right.

sorry to the people i was talking to last night. i had a headache that wasnt going away so i went to lie in front of the fan to cool off. guess the pills started to kick in cause i passed out.

ima take me some home study courses. ima buy me a tv/vcr and video camera so i can complete the home study courses i already have here. ima take more home study courses when i get bored even if its just something to kill time til the day i die. there are like 17534624361234 i want to take, anyhow. i have no life.

my mother is a retard. i just went out there and shes tellin me about some show and im like "that gir *points to the chick on the tv*", "no, this isnt the show", so i assume that it was a different program cause she watches every single version of the same type of damn show. so shes still talkin and shes like "her" and i say "the girl with the curly hair?" and shes like "NO, this isnt the show". so then im like "well why the fuck are you pointing at the tv, then", "HER! THE ONE WITH THE LONG HAIR. SHE RUNS THE SHOW", "sooo, the girl with the curly hair", "NO, THE BLONDE", "YEAH, SHES THE ONE WITH LONG HAIR, RIGHT", "uhhh, shutup. go away. blah, blah, blah", as i walk back over here and shut the door so i dont have to listen to her bitching. what a fuckin retard. she could have just said "the girl with the *SHORT* blonde hair, who runs this show..." and i would have looked and said "ok, yeah?", but no. she has to be a fuckin retard. WHY THE HELL DO I HAVE TO BE STUCK WITH THE RETARD AS A MOTHER. its gotten old already. its like living with my ex teacher. you cant learn anything from these people cause they dont know shit, and are retarded enough to try to *tell* you about things they dont understand. i just love knowing people like that.

the other day i got a virus attachment thingy from dawnmarie@dawnmarie.org, which is strange since ive never mailed her or received an email from her (that i recall) before. shes not even on my friends list. i wonder how many people are gettin these from me, as well.

my friend: "i cant stop thinking about you too, honey... PFFFTHAHAHHAHA!#$@#!$@#!" hahaha. shes funny.

so, yeah. i have to remember. take pictures. preferably decent ones.

daign: http://www.daign.com/MasterCard.asf
daign: its 2mb
daign: and well worth it

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