July 10th, 2002


i dont have any friends.

its amazing. not even one. i keep forgetting that. silly me. i should get it tattooed somewhere so that i dont forget.

i locked my keys in my car at school today. go me. my roadside assistance is through my phone company and since my phone was stolen i had to pay a guy to come out and unlock it. joy.

the bitch came to school yesterday. shes lucky i didnt deck her. i doubt she even knows, that i know, she took it. she will though.

12 hour school days suck. well, no. my 5 hour class (massage) sucks. the rest of my classes rule, for the most part. i really like the class and the students. i dont really know any of them cept for this one sorta goth type chick, and i dont even really know her, but the whole vibe in the room is much nicer. the people are happy and pretty friendly. not like in massage. in massage they have their little clicks. that, and the people are annoying as hell. their voices make me want to kill.

i could hardly stand up today. it was pretty bad. i kept getting dizzy and wanting to throw up. my teacher almost told me to go home, but i didnt want to miss anything, so i told her i was fine.

i gotta figure out what to do about my loan papers. they want paycheck stubs. i dont have a job. though, i fucked up and said that i am self employed as a massage therapist (true, but i hardly ever work and im not making what i said im makin), cause i kept getting denied and i needed the loan. so now i gotta find someone to help me fake a paycheck stub, or something. id ask my friends, but i dont have any of those. just people who talk to me when theyre bored and/or wanna get in my pants. fuck em. maybe if i just tell them that i havent been doing it for every long, i havent had to do taxes yet and i was just using that number as an estimate, theyll just have to deal with the fact that theyre dealing with a dingdong. i hope they dont give me too much trouble, i do have a co-borrower, afterall. it shouldnt be that big of an issue except for the illegal stuff i said on the application. oh well. i was desprate and im dumb.

crying is sorta fun.

this brings a tear to my eye :oP

sstardust: WTF BITCH?!?
Auto response from xangelicdestinyx: busy. txt msg or call, if its important.
sstardust: I locked my keys in my car while the car was running today
sstardust: how freaky that you did that too, cept you didnt leave your car running
sstardust: bitch
sstardust: I go study now
sstardust signed off at 5:29:37 PM.
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