July 26th, 2002


lets start with the good

my classmates rule. most of them, at least. they are so fuckin adorable, i cant stand it. again, most of them. not all. there are a few i dont think i care much for, but the ones i like. oh man, they rule. its such a change from the assholes that were in my massage therapy class. definitely gonna have to keep in touch with these guys. it kinda makes me sad that a lot of them arent even from california and are only here to take the course. gonna miss those fools, but at least ill have someone to visit if i ever end up in their part of the world.

so, lets see. got in to a car accident yesterday. my fault. i think what happened was, we were all getting off of the freeway, but it was so backed up we were stopped on the off ramp. when traffic started to move i let up off the break. i must have blinked or some shit and the car in front of me must have stopped and then let off the break again cause cause their break lights werent on and the next thing i knew they were right in my face and it was too late to do anything about it. so i bumped them, they rolled in to the car in front of them and they rolled in to the car in front of them. so i hit 3 cars. i pulled over and got out and ran to the car i hit (i thought i only hit the one) to see if everything was alright. fuckin stupid beaner "no! my neck, my neck!!!", the other two just got out to see what that was all about and if there was any damage. no one had any dents, just minor scratches. the fuckin mexican is still screaming about his fuckin neck. pisses me off. im so disappointed with mexicans now. the white people were so nice, i was surprised. they said everything was fine and they werent hurt at all. so i gave them my info so they could report it and went back to the mexican couple. the wife seemed cool. she said everything was fine, but it was a rental car (theyre from texas) so she called them to find out what she should do. she told them everything was fine and that there was only a scratch on the front and back end of the car. they said to drop the car off and get a new one. by that time her husband stopped screaming about his whiplash and was bending his neck all sorts of ways to check me out. fuckin asshole. anyhow, i gave them the info as well, and went to school. had a nice day otherwise, but when i got home i started stressing out about the fact that i hit 3 cars. i called the two white people to give them info that they forgot to get like my license plate number shit. they said they felt fine and that the mexican was just trying to take advantage of the situation. well, duh. so i guess theyre not gonna try to sue, but the mexican is. well, maybe. his wife seemed cool, but he wants to sue so bad. even if she doesnt want to, hell try to talk her in to it. oh well. im mostly pissed that all that is gonna go on my record and my insurance rates are gonna go up. there isnt even a scratch on my car. im pissed about that too. if my insurance rates are gonna go up and im gonna get sued, then there should be some fuckin damage, damnit.

so anyway, i went and stressed my self out all last night. woke up and i was in so much pain. coulnt fuckin move. at first i didnt know what it was, so im all freaking out cause i dont have helath insurance and it felt like something was horribly wrong. it was fuckin gas. so im crying and i ask my mom for something and she decides to be a complete bitch. finally when im able to get up, i go to the bathroom to pass the gas, shit or whatever and she starts banging on the door, telling me shes got something for me to drink. i couldnt fuckin get up. i was lucky to even make it there. so i tell her "i cant. not now" and she goes off. "youre such a fuckin bitch, mary davis #2 (this lady we used to live with who used to take a lot of pills cause something was always wrong with her), im glad youre in pain. she was so lucky i couldnt get off that toilet cause i would have gotten off and beat the crap out of the 500 pound bitch. i dont give a fuck. the next time shes crying about something and asks me to get her something or go to the store, im gonna tell the stupid bitch to fuck herself. so eventually i passed a bit of gas and some poo. left the bathroom, came back in here and got back in bed. the pain was still there but not as intense. so i just laid there waiting for more gas to pass, or something. i ended up falling asleep while i was waiting, so i woke up around 11am, still in a bit of pain and went to school.

i decided to go to the bank cause i ordered some things at a discount from one of our guest speakers, and hadnt paid for them yet. so when making my right hand turn i didnt make a full stop cause their was no one around. guess i was wrong. a fuckin cop hiding on a bike got my ass for rolling the stop. got a ticket. didnt have my license or my insurance (lost the license and left the insurance papers here from calling them to make my claim last night) so i got a ticket for the rolling stop and no proof of insurance. joy.

whats weird is i feel like crying, but im in a pretty decent mood. im pissed off about my driving record and my rates going up. im pissed about all the crap ive been doing to myself the past few weeks on the way to school. i dont think i was meant to wake up so early. i think i need more sleep and to start eating more. these past few weeks have been so horrible. ok. not really, but theyve been pretty crappy. besides all the stuff that has been sucking like my phone getting stolen cause that dumb how was pissed at me for talking shit to her, and my keys getting locked in my car 2 days in a row then not having the road side assistance cause its through my phone company and my account was put on hold so the hoe couldnt make any calls, then the parking tickets that i always get from not being able to find a safe parking space then over sleeping (street cleaning day), then the accident, then the first ticket ive ever gotten from getting caught doing something illegal while driving. i wish i could get rid of that stupid car, but i wont ever be able to. its the only way i can get to school and/or job sites. so im just gonna have to deal.

oh, the other fucked up thing is that i had a dream the night before i hit those cars, that i hit a car, but much harder. if that was supposed to be a fuckin warning, im pissed.

in other news. people = bad. no shit, huh. cept i just realized it again. im always forgetting. the shit that comes out of their mouth is so fuckin irritating, it makes me want to kill. kill, kill, kill.

wait, except for some. like yvette, who i need to call cause i forgot to mail back and if i dont she wont hear from me till monday. which is not good. shes a doll.

i cant wait for my check to get here. im gonna pay everything off and go to the beach.

oh, gave my teacher a neck massage cause she was getting the migraine. she so cute. has a smile like cameron diaz, and a british accent. she was like "oh yeah youre gonna go far. with this alone, youll make personal assistant". i dont know if thats a good thing, though. guess it would depend on whose and how much they were payin me. i think id rather make $15,000 a day. though, jobs like that are few and far between. i needs me some supa dupa skills, yo.

she also did the mercedes commercial. weird that id have met her right before class started.
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