August 13th, 2002


focus, dumbass.

i have to go return a video right now or incur late fees. im not happy about that, at all. i didnt have a bad day but i failed a test. one i shouldnt have failed. i was so frustrated i almost stared balling. i wanted to come home and be done with the day, but now i have to go back out :o\

anyway, today out guest instructor was fuckin cute. i think he reminds me of a few people. the best part is, he wasnt wearing a ring and hes not gay. not that im about to hit on him or anything. im not really the type. damn$!@##$!@! good vive from him. i really enjoy his presence. its a shame hes being shipped out to who-knows-where in a few days. hopefully hell be back or ill run into him in the future. there are a few instructors ive gotten a good vibe from. theyre all too busy to come back, though. fuckin aye. why they gotta be talented. well i guess its good, cause if they werent id have never met them in the first place.

i still feel like crying. i dont know why im taking this so badly. probably cause i know i can do it. i just get freaked out during the test. its so stupid. i just cant believe it. next time im shutting the door. i think hearing the instructor coming towards the testing room, even when she was just walking around and didnt come in, was freaking me out. oh well. i will still conquer this evil test in less tries than most of the class. next time. focus.

at least i got a raise (or something)! :oP

Gross Amount: 1.33
Fee Amount: -0.34
Net Amount: 0.99

Date: Aug 13, 2002
Time: 00:27:49
Status: Completed

Subject: Freakin' fees!
Note: Why they hell to they get to keep a third of your money? mood >8( pissed off!

damn, it was so nice out. too bad i dont have anything to do outside. its way, way, WAY cooler out there, than it is in here.

the fuckin video store didnt have my movie. they suck ass. now im gonna have to go somewhere else. but not today. homework aint due till friday, i think. its funny. i never thought watching movies like titanic, exorcist, topsy-turvy and taxi driver would be part of a homework assignment.
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it must be one of those days.

i just thought about dogs dying (cause no came one claim or adopt them) and started crying.

no word on my moms cat yet. first we heard he was dead a few blocks away, then someone said they saw him. so now my mom is hoping to catch him. been hoping for over a day now.
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