August 14th, 2002



the cat is home now, and fuckin dirty. guess my mom found him sleeping in front of the door while i was sleepin. so the cat is not dead, and she can stop crying "i cant believe im never gonna see him again".

anyhow, im wet and ready to play in some latex. bring it on mr. kobzina. maybe i should test again. dunno. well see if i have a model by the end of the day.
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i know i hate most everyone but

it seems that i wasnt the only one who had the hots for the instructor. this chick that sits behind me started yelling at me in class because i was tweasing my eyebrows. i started before class and carried over for a bit cause there wanst anything to do. we were watching a demo on the same thing we did yesterday and i was taking notes (not kidding, 3 pages worth just to make sure i didnt miss anything). she goes "NAOMI YOU ARE SOOOOO FUCKIN RUDE, YOU ARE GONNA BE THE ONE WHO DOESNT KNOW WHAT THEYRE DOING. i didnt say much to her then, but like 3 hours later when we broke for lunch i was like "can i speak to you for a moment?" and she was like "yeah, sure" all sweet. so im walking her down to the library so we could talk in private (like normal people) and shes all apologizing to me n shit. so i shut the door and im like "#1 dont ever talk to me like youre my fuckin mother" and i couldnt even get past that. she starts goin off "i waaas not" we went over what she said a few times and she tried to bullshit me. so then i tried to teach her how to speak to people like a normal human being and she continued to get crazy with me. so then i was like "you know what, for someone who wants to act like im the worlds biggest asshole you sure as hell sit in class whispering to your friends a whole lot DISRUPTING THE CLASS. tweasing my eyebrows may have been rude, but at least i wasnt bothering anyone else". then she goes off on how she has never done that, thats she "lives and breathes this class", and *i* was disrupting the class with the tweasing. i told she didnt need to watch me and that if it was bothering her so much she could have said "naomi, that is a bit distracting, can you save it for later?" then she just stomped off "i have to go to lunch, blah blah blah, whatever, blah blah blah." i was so pissed i was shaking. i wanted to smack the shit out of her. then her buddy comes up to me "do you think i hate you? cause i dont" with this fake ass sweet smile on her face. i had a talk with her a bit. such bullshit. i know why she did that too. shes worried i wont like her and will talk shit (much like i am now, but at least it the truth) and word will get around that the annoying clicky bunch will get a bad rep in the industry (like ill even rememeber/give a shit by the time i start workin on anything big). so she tried to clear her name knowing that id be fuming and ready to talk some mass shit, and chicks usually hold a grudge (*especially* me). fuck them all. i pray i never have to work with them, and if this bitch ever tries to tell me what to do again, im gonna fuckin sock her.

#1 shes not allowed to speak topm me like that.
#2 her and her click are fuckin obnoxious and everyone lets it slide (most of the time. sometimes one of the instructors will say shit like "you already know how to do this, right?), yet she goes off on me for tweasing my eyebrows.

its funny how most of my classmates changed. at first they were all really great and sweet. now theyre just catty little know-it-all bitches. always trying to beat you to the punch, even when youre talking one on one. they wanna be the ones (especially her) who knows everything.

its weird how i never had a problem whith anyone i went to school with, but now i cant stand my classmates. i used to enjoy seeing my classmates everyday. i count the days till i dont have to deal with these people anymore.

were goin to the chapple and were, goooooonna get maaaried.

silly eric

btw, the picture i posted was of me in a obvious bald cap. the chick cut my ear and applied it wrong. im not that stupid. my head is far to big to shave all my hair off :oP

ok, so that chick. heh. evidently shes be going back and forth talking shit. i think she wants to be a part of the click. shes been hanging out with them a lot lately, though just a week or so ago she was talking shit about them. anyhow, she cut my ear, then told me it was just the cold of the scissors. im like "no cold feels good, this burnt and still burns. you fuckin cut me" she kept saying that she didnt and i told her "dont ever do that again" as i looked at her like "ill fuckin kill you". i was serious. that shit hurt like hell and on top of it she was trying to act like i was delusional. fuck that.
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