August 15th, 2002


good news and bad news

the bad news is now the entire class hates me, cause the one bitch went around telling people that i said they were talking shit about her. i said my piece, but no one cares. they all want to be buddy buddy with the annoying chicks. like itll make them cool or something. the coolest people in the class are the people that just dont give a shit about who is their buddy and who isnt (mostly the older people). i guess there is strength in numbers. i cant believe all this started just cause i was tweasing my eyebrows. its insane. now aill the "cool" people are giving me dirty looks n shit. my god. get the fuck over it. its funny cause i hold a mean grudge, but when i got to school today i didnt give a shit. i really didnt. they dont mean enough to me to care. i had dropped the entire thing. then this one chick comes up to me, talkin about how i told "someone" that she was talking shit. i was like "wtf, i didnt even speak to anyone other than the one bitch (the chick who needed me to know that she doesnt hate me). did she tell you i said that?", "no, its was someone else", "well then". so many things about this situation pisses me off. like the fact that the one chick felt the need to tell me that she doesnt hate me. like i give a shit either way. who the fuck is she? no one special to me, so why would i care? im not all "oh, pleeeeease dont hate me". i couldnt care less if they wanna be my friend or not. hanging out with them would drive me insane.

so heres whats goin on...
bitch #1 hates me cause i told her never to talk to me the way that she did.
bitch #2 is twisting things that i said around.
bitch #3 hates me cause i said "yeah, bitch #3 mentioned something about that" to bitch #2 and bitch #2 twisted it around to whoever and it got back to bitch #3.
the rest of the bitches hate me cause bitches 1-3 hate me and are talking shit.

and now that im thinking about it, bitch #3 was talking shit way before everything started, or just after. cause when bitch #2 came in to tell me that she didnt hate me, it was a result of something bitch #3 told her i said. then bitch #3 has the nerve to come up to me and get pissy about what i said, which was nothing, AND bitch at me for getting bent about almost chopping half my ear off. my god, i want to knock the shit out of half of the classroom. i dont care if they dont like me, i just wish theyd stop confronting me about it. they dont know how to have a conversation. they just want to talk *at* me, then get pissed when i have something to say. theyre not gonna believe a word that comes out of my mouth anyhow, so why bother coming up to me? stop reminding me that you exist. all it does is make me want to hurt you. go the fuck away and let me get on with the course. grrr@#$!@#$! its amazing how people who were so sweet could become such dumb assholoes.

ok, so the good news is that i got my camera and i cant wait to figure out how to work it.

also i found my credit card, which i thought was lost or stolen.

oh, well. no one is on, so i guess its time to watch taxi driver and make some bald caps.
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