September 4th, 2002


i am soooo fuckin hungry right now

so fuckin hungry. i dont think ive been this hungry for a while. im not sure why. i was hungry all yesterday, too. maybe ill go shoppin on my way to school. i just might.

i just decided im not going to school today. how do you like them apples.

ok, nevermind. im goin.
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i got to be a green zombie today. that was cool. i thought it turned out real good for his first try. took some pictures. wanna see them? too fukin bad. i also took a few pictures of the japanese chick cause shes cool. its a shame we didnt get to the beach this past weekend. oh well. well get there eventually. im thinkin about dragging her to magic mountain, too. should be fun.

i spent over 300$ today and i didnt even leave class. go me. think ill ever get out of debit? hell no. but i was getting a 40% discount, so i couldnt say no. fuck paying full price later. id have been mad as hell if i hadnt bought these pallets now, then needed them and had to play full price. now i have like 5 pallets. think im good as far as water resistant makeup for very a loooooooong time. if i dont use them for makeup i can always charge people for temp tattoos or somethin. oh wait. i hate painting pictures. i forgot.

im kind of annoyed with one of the handyman type people at my school. i say hi every time i see him. they dont know my name. one of them walked in to the computer room where i was watching a video with my artist for the day, and he said "hi jerry". he never says "hi, naomi". then to top it off. i lost my piercing upstairs. the school was closed, but i went back hoping someone would be there still. that one handyman guy was there. i found it in the computer room. then thanked him for unlocking everything for me. he doesnt speak english very well, but i chatted with listened to him for at least 30 minutes, just to be nice, even though the guy doesnt even care to know my name. pffft.

something has got to change.

i have a headache.

oh damn. the money i spent today on adhesives and paint, i could ahve spent on a fuckin air compressor. fuckin aye. i really want one of one of those. guess its time to bust out the credit card, once again.

oh, yeah. very expensive books (2 = 300$) in the library. gone. i wanted to look at them again, but they werent there this time. i hope theyre around somewhere. thats fucked up if someone jacked em.
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