September 5th, 2002


im a bad girl

didnt go to school today.

fought with my insurance people cause they woudlnt give me anything to take to court with me to prove i have insurance. the lady at the court house gave me an extension.

went to trader joes and spent 30$. trying to think about where i want to go next. i know there was somewhere i wanted to go aftert i finished all my ticket stuff.

tomorrow our project is due. i have no idea what im gonna do yet. guess ill that figure that out later.

think ill go to the hardwear store. maybe the beauty supply too. walmart, target, lowes, and ummm, jamba juice. yeeeah. i need to make a list for the beauty supply. i hope i find what im lookin for. i bet they wont have it :o\
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lots o driving

i did a lot of driving today. in rain, without windshield wipers. it wasnt raining hard, so i could still see.

got something to use as my makeup kit. wanted to get something else too, but i may not need it. this thing is pretty big. now i just need a set bag. funny how ill end up paying twice as much for that than i did the thing i just bought. fuckers.

was looking for lowes, and drove to stuarts house. havnt seen him in years. i think either his mom or brother still live at that house. his dog (i think it was the same dog) was barking, and some little girl came and said "my mommy is in the shower". ive never seen this kid. if this is his brothers baby, holy shit shes big. i remember when she was first born. oh well. will return another day, and wont look like ass. i felt so stupid for going there lookin all icky.

oh, yeah. some dude that works at wallmart asked if i was goth. i should have kicked him in the nuts. i have 0 makeup on, goth chick s pile it on. i have normal eyebrows (sorta. i fixed dthem a bit), they dont. the only thing that could have made him think that, was the fact that i was wearing black and FUZZY FLIP-FLOPS. uh huh. dumbass. maybe i just look that pissed off/evil. i can buy that.
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