September 6th, 2002


i want you to be happy

awww. jamie loves me. so does jag. spoke to both of them today. jag wants me to tell him i want him to move to la so we can get married, and jamie wants me to come over so he can change the oil in my car. he says "i want you to be happy". i havent talked to this guy in almost a year. it was so cute. hows you car? did you check the oil? I DONT WANT IT BLOWING UP ON YOU. COME OVER SO I CAN CHECK YOUR CAR. so im gonna go over there tomorrow. maybe when were done we can drive down to stuarts and find out if he still lives there. im sure hed like that.

other than that im in hell. i have to test tomorrow and i have no one to test on. im like, getting really desperate. you have no clue. it turns out tomorrow is pretty much the last day of testing and i have 2 big tests i need to *pass* in order to graduate.
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