September 9th, 2002



passed another final today. the day got screwed so they let us test all afternoon. now i just need that one last one, and ill be done. woohoo. i think ill actually practice for this one. so far ive been lucky with passing on the first try, but this one is a bitch and ill probably have to take it more than once. maybe not. if practice and im lucky, ill get it on the first try. i better.

so em of my books arrived this afternoon. the one about makeup is pretty, and its got my goblin king in it. but not as my goblin king :o\

ok, so now i much eat and sleep so that i can get to school on time and not want to kill. i think some weed is on order. id have a drink as well, but i dont really like drinking. id rather just get stoned so i can sleep though the night. that the great thing about weed. it helps me relax, puts me to bed, and if i wakeup at 4am, instead if being up for the rest of the night and wanting to kill, i just take a hit and go right back to sleep. if it wasnt for the weed, i dont think id be able to get up in time for school each day. im a night person. its hard for me to sleep at night. i can sleep just fin during the day time, though.

i need a fuckin massage.
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