September 14th, 2002


like, ohmigaaawd.

i just felt like doing that.

i learnt how to use my camera and a real camera today, thanks to colin. he cool. he GAVE me the camera he taught me to use (olympus om10), since he never uses it. awwwyea. now i just need some film, and a flash thingy.

i am sooo sleepy. i fuckin woke up at 8am and have been sleepy ever since. when will it go awayyy.

oh, yeah. whats funny is i went over there with 0 makeup on and all broken out, yet he still wants to do a shoot with me. very scary. speaking of scary, one of the chicks in my class says i should do some modeling. i was like "i dont think makeup would be able to fix my face", then the core instructor from the orlando school said "i can hook you up". i dont know if he was trying to be nice, or making fun of me. either way, i thought that was funny. especially cause most of the time when people say shit like that, theyre a complete stranger, or a friend of mine, so im always like "ok, stop kissing my ass", but shes not even close to being a friend of mine. very strange.
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