September 16th, 2002


im booooooorededed

lots of plaster mixin. i think im gonna have plaster boogers. masks and goggles are for pussys!

dustin called today. he had to pry my phone number out of danny. hes in the looney bin. big surprise, uh huh. he talked shit about me to matt (ex teacher, now shrink) , so i wasnt too happy to hear from him. he said that matt had good things to say about me (yeah, cause dustin called me a bitch and matt defended me. though, dustin doesnt know that i heard about that bit). he said he called because he misses me. yeah, right. he probably just wanted to hear my voice so that hed have something to whack off to later. i asked him if that was why he called. he said "haha, no". right.

jag called too. turns out the there was this girl (supposedly hot) at a wedding that was checking him out. i was all "marry her, shes indian". turns out the girl is 16, and a related to him. HAHAHA!$@!#!$@#! hehehe.

what else. im still thinkin about movin. maybe. who knows. eventually. im thinking about moving for a while, just because. i think itll be cool to get out of here for a bit. plus when i come back ill ahve lots o money. the move would be for money, mostly. well see.

what should i do when finish up at school. im thinkin, i need to pay back some of my debits, so maybe i need a real 9-5 type thing. or maybe i can get a 2 day a week, 9-5 thing, and use the rest of my time to freelance. or get a job doing massage and makeup for weddings on weekends. i could make a killing doing weddings, i bet. not that id do that forever, but for quick cash, i think so. i want a vacation first, though. its a shame i dont have the money for a vacation. a weeks worth a sleep will just have to do.

i should make something to eat.
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