September 17th, 2002



i thought i was gonna get me some weed today, but i aint. lame. maybe tomorrow.

i sorta, kinda, in a way, want to go out, but im not looking forward to driving down that way two days in a row. i dont think i will. maybe next week. next week i plan on getting shitfaced. minus the vomit.

so this lump is really fuckin bothering me. its been hurting a lot. i hope thats a good thing and means it isnt cancerous (i read somewhere that cysts hurt). though, pain usually inst a good thing :o\ i wish i knew a doctor who would chop this thing off for me. i just hope i dont have to lose a breast. then id need fake ones. i dont want fake ones, but if the entire thing has got to go, then its got to go. i wish i had insurance. itll be years before i can get in to the union and take advantage of their insurance benefits. guess itll have to wait.

oh, yeah. i locked me keys in my car. again.
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