September 20th, 2002



i get to have glue all over my face. oh, joy. after having glue on my face almost everyday for a 3 months, its gotten old. im glad i probably wont have to have that much glue on my face ever again. its not so bad, its just the clean up n all that. i dont like to be sticky, and i dont like to have shit still glued to me. your artist is to remove everything, but they seldom do. they do a half assed job, then i have to go clean myself up. either that or i dont even notice till i get home and end up with whatever still stuck to me for a week cause i forget its there. oh well.

my skin is so dry now that ive been out of the shower for a few minutes i can feel my skin tightening up. guess i should brush my teeth and get ready to go. hope there isnt much traffic.

i cant wait to work on my book. this weekend i must hit every supply store i can find. i also want to hit the art stores. big shopping weekend for me. i want to get all my shopping over with.
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