September 22nd, 2002


well then

i dont think im done shopping, but im close... i think. spent a few hundred more. could have bought a nice ass airbrush and compressor with all the money i spent on make-up crap this weekend. how the hell did i spend so fuckin much. damn :o\

i took my labret piercing out for some odd reason, and i think its gonna stay out. i dont really want the hole to close up though so maybe ill put it in and take out depending on my mood. well see.

think i might dye my hair tonight. later this week, if beata(sp?) isnt busy im gonna get it cut, as well. that should be weird. i havent let anyone touch my hair since... who knows when. i dont remember. years and years and years.

i wanted to wax, but im feeling lazy. so who knows if thats ever gonna happen. i need to do my nails, too. i should just get those done. im far to lazy to do anything other than sit and sweat.

speaking of, i got all hot a sweaty today. it was fuckin hot. i dont stink, though, which is cool. used that crystal, then got paranoid cause it was so hot so i put the arm & hammer stuff on.

i need to learn to sew. i want to make pants. i dont have pants that match my shirts.

i still want a fuckin airbrush. !$@#!#@!#$@!$#@!$#@$#@! badly.

jag is strange, but thats not news.
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