September 25th, 2002


got up at 12.

havent done anything other than that.

think i can get an air compressor for 60$. not bad. i think i can get the rest of my shit for about that much. 120$ for an airbrush kit? not bad. ill have to make sure.

i did all kinds of make-up research when i went out last night. it was cool. no one hit on me cept this one chick. she must have noticed me in the mirror cause i had my back to everyone the entire night. dwaine didnt even know i was there until i got up and walked out. he was like "oh. my. gaaaawd. get over here!" and tried to pull me close. i was said "do i know you from somewhere?". he knew what i was talkin about. that was funny. he was all explaining it to people as i walked away. i was amused.

i havent received an email from school. i guess there wasnt any jobs that came in today.

i need to clean and organize stuff.

oh, when i got to the club, the dj played "i know what boys like" and "burnin up". i was thinkin "this dude is psychic". i dont remember what else he played. its usually pretty good, though.

oh, the other funny thing is i went out last night with 0 makeup on. none. no mascara, under eye or pimple cover up. thats weird for me. during the day i dont care as much, but going to a club at night were everyone is made up like clowns? i pile it on. and i hate powder so i never set. that means its halfway down my face by the end of the night. anyway. zero make-up was weird considering how much makeup i own!$#@!$#@!$@! heh. though, the discount at mac, rules.
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