September 28th, 2002


man, lofts are expnsive.

to own. theyre actually not that bad to rent, i dont think. better than apartments in bellevue washingtion. jag never listens. im gonna get me one of them, or not. who knows. well see.

wheres hiedi. i havent heard form her in a few months. she gave me a phone number to reach her at, and i lost it. she said shed call me back the next day with her new cell number, and didnt. so now i cant stalk her down. what a shame. bet shes done something stupid and doesnt want me to know about it.

if all goes as planned i will be going out looking for something cool i can use in tonights shoot. getting my hair cut, then going to the studio. the model for the album cover got hurt, so were just gonna kill some time since he wanted to do a shoot with me anyway. hopefully ill be available when shes ready to shoot. hes got a few more weeks till deadline.

im huuuuuuuuuuuuuuungry. why am i even awake.

oh, ive calmed down a bit cause ive decided there is a plan for me. im pretty sure ill be eased in to whatever i end up doing. i doubt theyd just throw me on set and be like "dont fuck up". so im not too worried. ive been going over steps n shit like that so i dont have to be all "whats next?". ive only done this shit once before and i was walked through it so i didnt have to really memorize anything. im glad ive been reading cause already ive forgotten steps. while i was reading i was like, "ohhh, yeah. better not forget that". fuckin aye.

oh, yeah. could he be any worse at calling me back? i know hes busy, so ill quit bitching now. i know he doesnt forget. maybe "ill call you later tonight" means "ill call you eventually", and i just needed to figure that out :oP
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ok, she was supposed to call at noon

and she hasnt. guess im not getting my hair cut, after all. guess ill be going straight to colins after the beauty supply in his hood.

xangelicdestinyx: i dont want to shave my legs
xangelicdestinyx: :o\
colin: oooboy....welll ya better anyhow
colin: = )
xangelicdestinyx: damn you
colin: ha!

why cant he just shoot me from the waist up?@#?!$!@$?

im drowning in clothes. i cant figure out what i want to take with me!%#@!$#!@$$#!

i like the head band i found in all my crap, though. im glad i also found a belt cause my pants wont stay up on their own anymore.
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