October 3rd, 2002


im so easily amused

xangelicdestinyx: i have rugburn on my face
Bagamaagan: I won't ask
xangelicdestinyx: good

hrm. havent been posting. lets see. shoot with colin was cool. shot till ~4am. then my car stared to freak out so i had to turn around and go back. when i woke up, i left colins, and went to get oil cause thats what i thought the problem was. turns out some fan thingy is lose and vibrating like crazy. oh well. my poor car sounds the way it looks. it was such a well behaved car until now.

what else... i cant think of anything until i got the rugburn on my face.

oh, yeah. i bought glasses. theyre gay, but i can see, and thats what matters. or some shit like that. its a good thing the glasses werent on when i got the rugburn.

someone also called my cell 3 times this morning from a payphone, i think. didnt leave a message. may have been hiedi. if it was LEAVE A FUCKIN MESSAGE NEXT TIME. sometimes my signal isnt strong enough to answer.

man, its a beautiful day out. im feeling sorta beat up and emotionless. i cant think of anything other than how nice it is outside, and how cute the birds sound cherpin n shit. i feel like i should be, mad, sad, or something. anything. numb is okay, sometimes. though, it gets boring after a while. oh well. good day thus far. maybe today should be a beach day. maybe its not numb that im feeling. i think its calm. its probably just bored. i dont give a shit days, rule.

damnit. i just got a call about a band shoot, and i think the position has been filled. i called the guy and left a message, but nothing so far and its at 5pm. oh well. their loss. haha, thats what im sayin :oP they better not call me at 4pm, and be like "ARE YOU AVAILABLE?"

oh, shit. im supposed to model for colin and eddie, still. i have rugburn on my face!$@#!$@#! i wonder how long this would take to heal. i wonder when is colins deadline for these pictures. i wonder if iits ever gonna stop burning. it just started burning again.

the glasses and rugburn.

.glasses rugburn

also note the hair. ive never seen it so fucked up before.
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the ants were attacking me until they found what they wanted and would only go there to eat, then go back to their home. so i watched them cause they werent tacking me anymore. those fuckers eat like we do. theyd come in a large group, then go home and i wouldnt see any for a while. then id wake-up, and theyd be eating again. so i waited for them to eat, and go home, then i sprayed their food (they were eating the sugaring wax that spilt out of container when it fell over. i thought they were stuck to it at first). then i guess they went to check it out and found that it wasnt cool anymore. then they went back home. there were a few near their entrance to this room, so i pounded on the area to feak em out. i did it in front of them so theyd turn around and go the way they came, not scatter. they went home soi did that a few more times so theyd run further then sprayed the ant stuff on their entrance. i havent cleaned up the wax yet, and thay havent come back. yay, and i didnt have to drowned them in poison. though, at one point i looked down and there were so many i sprayed them with perfume and those died. i thought about taking pictures of everything, but i figured that be even more strange of me. someone should teach me about ants. maybe i can rent a movie about em. haha. im so lazy.

computer is boring, so im gonna watch a movie.

oh, yeah. when i took off this afternoon, my car was making even worse sounding noises than when i arrived. by the time i got home it wasnt making any strange noises. fuckin car.

oh, yeah. i have to finish cleaning. no movie, just cleaning. fuck that. movie and cleaning is more like it.


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no cleaning, only stupid quizzes.

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xangelicdestinyx: i didnt say you could go
mrg0sh bah
mr g0sh: you have no power over me
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