October 16th, 2002


i wish it would rain

didnt think id be able to do it again, but i was bored so i got in bed. i slept till 7am. now im cold. i got all my days mixed up. today i *have* to do most of my laundry. its gonna take me a few hours, but ive run out of pants, and ive got dirt from the ranch all over my warmer coats.

ive already called about insurance papers, and could get em faxed to my school if i were completely desperate. thats good to know.

now i just need to do laundry, and check the transmission fluid to make jag happy. i cant believe my car stopped making that horrible noise entirely. i fuckin hate street cleaners and traffic cops.

i keep saying that i need to clean in here, but there isnt much i can do. i keep rearranging things, and thats not helping. there simply is not enough space in this room for me and all of my crap. i did find a few things to get rid of. thats good, i suppose. itd still be nice to have a closet.

im bored. gonna have to get drunk. havent done that it a bit, and i like being giddy. lets just try to stop before i get sick this time. maybe tomorrow.

i feeeeeeel that spending as little time here as possible will improve my mood tremeeeeeendously. id better get everthing ready, shower, do laundry, go to the store, check the fluids in my car, so that i can... nap! i guess i can so shit like read and sketch while im waiting for my laundry. thatll be cool. ooo, maybe i should go to the store first. that way ill have something to eat while im doing my laundry. think ill go to hollywood to get my favorite jerky and order a sushi tray. im just too lazy to cook. the jerky is is some good shit. itll bring a tear to your eye :oP
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