November 3rd, 2002


most is from last night, but im ready, so i guess ill finish.

i called matt. hes so cute. he thanked me for calling. why he gotta be so adorable. he had to go to dinner but said hed call me back so we can have a chat. what do you wanna bet he never does. its ok, i cant help but like someone that thanks me for calling. thats so funny.

dwaine says hes never gonna have sex with me (theres a reason). ooooooh darn(?), or some shit like that. omg, he was fucking someone i know! how funny/scary. teeheehee. oh well. even though we will never have sex, he should still cook for me. if i recall correctly, he makes a pretty decent meal. funny dwaine. i told him (mr. ive-been-attracted-to-you-since-the-day-i-met-you-so-its-a-shame-were-never-gonna-have-sex) that he rules for never attacking, or even kissing me, even though i spent the night at his house a few times. im always impressed by people who dont try to fuck me, even though they want to. we also decided that i have a good aura. i think jaz and dan think so, as well. or not, they seemed unhappy when i left last night/morn. he did at least. maybe he was upset (with me?) about somethin. i dont think jaz was. who knowwwwwws. weird vibe :o\ anyway, theyres so cute. also, when i was hangin out with dwaine at perv on jazmins bday, he had one of his friends (some cute chick hes known for 10 years that i was thinink "shes hot. why are you hitting on me") confirm that hes a nice guy. at the time i was like "uhhhhhh huuuuuuh", but i think it may be true. cept for that not calling me back when i needed him to, bit.

so the commercials we shot were cool, but i hadnt slept the night before so i was passing out on set. around 6 or 7pm they let me go. one of the actors told me i have beautiful lips and gave me his head shot. quit hittin on the make-up artist 20 years younger than you! :oP i left some stuff in the first area we were shooting, then they locked up :o\ i should see about getting my stuff back after todays shoot. at least ive gotten some sleep, so i wont be passing out at the wheel on the way there like i was on the way to yesterdays.

connies not calling me back, but i told her id go on location :o\ so guess ill be mia for a week. maybe less. ill have to call her, cause i dont want to stay that long. maybe the first few days, just to help out till she gets comfortable.

guess id better get going. ill post again and reply to stuff when i get back. ive got pictures :oP
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