November 4th, 2002


oh my

i have in interview with and jason and rob (its robs company) comin up:


collin thinks theyll like me. i hope so. jason sounded cool. hope rob is, as well.

here we go again. every time i need help people they cant be bothered. everything is too much trouble for them. who the fuck cares that this is important to naomi. who cares that naomi just needs you to sit for a bit. dont use glue, dont ask me to shave, dont touch my hair, dont wear a shirt that would sell the make-up, dont do anything that could possibly help naomi in getting a job and her career going. well, fuck you too. im so glad i have friends. its funny how actors/actresses have no problem with a bit of glue, hospital patients have no problem with a bit of glue, but dear lord put a bit on me? hell no. im just too damn good for that. i call it "picky". no. youre just a fuckin bitch who cant be bothered with helping me out. someone must have driven a bmw up his tight little prissy ass and parked it there.
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