November 9th, 2002


tic tac toe

guess i should explain the h thing like i said i would, but was to lazy to. i called jaz a hizzoe a while back (see link in previous post), and she brought it up on halloween. so thats why we all put the letter h on our foreheads when we hang out. then we realized how great the letter h is. h is also for halloween, hollywood, hotel, homo, hostage, haha, and ummm. i forget what else h stood for. it was like peewees playhouse, or somethin. anytime someone one said a word beginning with the letter h, we were like "H IS FOR ______$@#!$@#!@#$!". anyway, that is what that was all about, in case you were wondering.


this is the type of shit that happens when we play on yahoo.

say what

frightning, aint it.

oh, yeah. thanks for all the txt msgs. you guys are cute.

its raining, and im lovin it!$@#!#$@!

i look good with red eyes :oP
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