November 11th, 2002



went in for my interview. got an internship, maybe more if things work out (doesnt look good. it seems only a few guys have ended up staying, for some reason). theys gonna teach me all kinds of stuff i dont know, so its gonna be fun. everyone seemed really nice. not to mention, young, and good looking. which reminds me. justin (one of the instructors at blasco) is cute. met him last week. he was super duper cool. this shop does the effects for buffy, so im gonna break spikes head cast so he has to come in for another. *teehee*. just kidding.

i cant believe i stayed up all night.

dirty rice is damn good.
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I know I could break you down, but what good would it do?

i could surely never know, that what you say is true.
here i am in silence, it's a game i have to play
you and i in silence, with nothing else to say.

that played in my car on the way home. i hadent heard that song in foeva.

my neck hurts. think i was a sick and didnt really know it. it felt like i was getting stick, but wasnt getting worse, so i was like "wtf". now just my neck is sore. i guess i should be happy i didnt really have to suffer. it feels soooooo good when i rub my neck. my muscles are screamin for some attention.

i was thinking, after this internship, im gonna get another one. the stuff ill learn is priceless, and i might as well learn as much as i can, while i can. there will come a day when im payin rent and wont be able to afford to do this, and its not like they teach it in school, or that id even be willing to pay. funk dat. anyway, ive got people who i can just ask if i need help or advice, now.

i also want to apprentice for people doing other types of stuff. i just want to suck everyones brain of every thing i possibly can. should be easy to get an apprenticeship. im pretty useful, and everything is related in one way or another.

oldies rule. wish 110 krla was still around. best radio station eveeeeeer. even though it was a bitch to get a signal, and on the am.

im hungry again. eat, sleep, eat, sleep. poop.
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