November 15th, 2002


i worked my ass off

felt fuckin good. i went to town on that body cast. my knuckles are all bloody n shit. therapeutic, im telling you. i won scotts (no, not THAT scott) heart. he was like "thank you sooo much for helping me. they should hire you". hahaha. hes really cool. i enjoyed working with him today. didnt work with cute boy at all, but spoke to him for a sec. why he gotta be so damn cute. man, those guys are bad. you should hear the shit they talk about. cracks me up. only one other girl in the shop. shes really cool, too. someone was in a meeting with rob, when they came down and saw me working on a piece and the chick was like "YEEEEEEAH, A GIRL IN THE SHOP". the guys thought that was funny. man, all those guys seem to fuckin rule. i like all o dem. i was told i can come in whenever i want. that they only had me come on wed & fri, to see if i was crazy. now that they know im not (i was like, "ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT ONE?"), im welcome to come and go as i please. he says if i wanna wait till theres no traffic, come in, and leave before traffic starts again, thats fine. thats sooo damn cool. i thought theyd wanna keep me out of the way on mondays, espcially cause theyre gonna be creating a creature next week, so its gonna be busy, but im welcome to come every day if i like. next week is gonna be cooooool. i like bein the intern. the other intern who used to come on wed & fri, quit. sorta. "busy till the first of the new year". awwwyea. aaaaand they bought beer. came six o clock, it was drinkin time. im pissed i wasnt there for the halloween party. it was like a club in there. they had a stage, band, n everything. the chick from the wonder years was one of the pictures. fox, fuckin news was there. I MISSED OUT :o\ danmi jut looked at my clothes. it was funny, jason came in and said are you learning alot, or just getting dirty. i didnt think id gotten so dirty, but my clothes are ick.

colin just left me a vmail sounding like he was on crack. think he wants me to shoot with him tonight, but broke out bigtime, so theres nooo way. i dont know. he said hes got a few people to shoot tonight, so im not quite sure why he called. colin and his brother sounds exactly alike. its like colin is in the room with me the entire day, but hes not.

man, i dont have to do a damn thing all weekend, or get up early to go to work on monday. niiice. only thing that could be better is getting paid. though, in that case, id wanna be there at 8am to clock in :oP hrm. what am i gonna do after this. what do i waaaaant to do, once im done sucking their brains. i havent figured that out yet.

some people are icky. icky, icky, icky.

i was right. i feel bad sayin no to colin. hes nice.

mmm, sleepy feels goood.
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