November 18th, 2002


She never loved me

She never loved me
She never loved me
Why should anyone?

And you just don't get it
you keep it copacetic
And you learn to accept it
You know it's so pathetic


WHAMCollapse )

freakiness in my car, i tell you. as collin would say "spoooooky".

so, ive only been home a few minutes and im bored. wanna go back to work, damnit.

cute boy was teaching me stuff today. it was hard cause he was staring directly at me, and I COULDNT DEAL WITH THAT. i kept looking at other things. not even other things. in to the room we were just in. like i was watching something, but i wasnt i just really, just didnt want him lookin at me!$#@!$@#! he seems nice. though i get a weird vibe from him. it doesnt seem to have anything to do with me, i just dont know what it is. whateva. fuck weird vibes, lets have a connection here :oP

i was filling out "you promise not to sue us" papers, and people were getting all excited. "FILLING OUT PAPERS?#@!#?@!?" heh.

more cute guys at work, please.

id settle for cute guys online, right now. where can i find a few to keep me entertained$#@!$#!@!

ive been obsessed with BIG HAIR, lately. i used to have BIG HAIR. i think im gonna have to give myself BIG HAIR, sometime soon.


oh, funny thing is cute boy sometimes talks like hes ghetto$#@!$@#! i get this big ole fucked up grin on my face. its so funny. like, most people who do it, sound gay. i just want them to shut up, so i ignore them, but hes so cuuuuuute :oP its funny cause i have to try and control grinnin around him. he does shit, and i want to, but then im like "NO, STOP THAT". cause if i do itll get out of control, and ill end up with a huge smile on my face. he should ask me to help him more often$@#!$@#! or not. STAY AWAY FROM ME!$@#!$@! ;o)

its a good thing i dont know the guy, cause then i probably wouldnt have a crush on him. i like having a crush. never get to crush on nobody :o\ oh, wait. i thought i might have a crush on jp after speaking to him on the phone, but that went away the next day. hahaha.
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oh, yeah.

i fuckin hate people who get tattoos. people get the fuckin dumbest shit tattooed to their bodies. unbelievable. fuckin disgusting. especially girls. i dont think ive seen one girl with a decent tattoo. its like they just get shit to feel cool. well, just so you know. its ugly and youre stupid. just get "im a trendy dumbass. i want other people to think im cool" tattooed on your forehead, why dont you.
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