November 23rd, 2002


this is a mail i just sent out about an "apprenticeship".

sure, i dont give a shit. i know youd love to have me as your bitch. not forever, though :oP well hook it up when i have more time to spare. cool?

im good at doing business, cant you tell :oP haahahahaagjbsdgfdhbgfdjg.

so, the seminar was cool. wish i had business cards on me. fuckin stupid naomi.

ooooooh, im so slick. i stalked the guys email address, down even though the site is under construction. lucky me.

man, i got up so early. i want to go back to sleep. its a shame stupid chris cant ever join me :oP

fuckin chris. fuckin chris. fuckin chris#$!@$@!$@#

i popped a zit. hope it goes away by monday. not that it really matters, since *someone* has a girlfriend. he saw it before i started my period, anyway. thats when it was all fuckin psycho n shit. noe says the good thing about drinking beer, is it clears up your complexion. we shall see, cause ive got beer and chips. yum yum yum.

got bored and went hunting zits. now my face is all red. oh well. oh fuckin well.
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who would like to be my sugar daddy for a year

i could pay most of my debits off if i dont do anything but work, for one year. no spending money on anything. anything. i really hate owing money. really really hate it. if i dont figure out a way to pay this crap off soon, i dont know what im gonna do. i hate living here. i hate being in debit. i hate everything. every fuckin thing.

ok, i lie. just money. cause i aint gots none.

speaking of money, i just bought 5 books. 55$ yay for free shipping. wish i would have done that sooner. i want them right this second. wish i could be an intern fo eva. when you *have* to do something, its not fun anymore. though getting paid is nice.

long weekend coming up. im gonna be bored.

monday im going to work with a clip board and make-up on to cover my fucked up face, which i cant stop fucking with. gonna be all prissy n shit. im just gonna walk around taking notes. fuck putting gloves on. im not gettin my hands in nothin. i say that, but ill end up covered in crap, im sure.

oooh, good dwaine. last time i spoke to him he said "ill call you tomorrow", and didnt. he just msged and apologized. says he hasnt been feeling well. uh huh. at leats he knows when hes being bad, unlike most who just play stupid and think they can get away with it.

oh. cute colin (one l or two for him? i always forget).

colin: YO
xangelicdestinyx: yo
colin: I just spoke to my bro
colin: he says the peeps there are totally impressed with yer werk and stuf
xangelicdestinyx: he aint gotta lie
colin: he ain't
colin: is totaly happi and impressed
colin: I'm like given ya the insider scooop
colin: he said he's speakin' to Jason about geetin' ya some $$ fer yer werk
colin: but ya didn't hear it from me
xangelicdestinyx: i doubt that will happen
colin: I dunno...I bet it does
colin: I feel like a proud parent = ) !

people intern for a looong time before they start getting paid doing this shit. no way theyre gonna pay me after a week. shit, people intern and get asked to leave. i doubt theyll ask me to go, but i also doubt ill get paid. theyve got enough guys already.


ok, i think ive had enough to drink. again.
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