December 1st, 2002


nice day

i wanna go out and play. maybe ill go do my laundry, then go to descanso gardens. id drag jamie with me since its walking distance from his house, but i bet hes dirtbike riding somewhere, or some shit like that. snowbording. something. danny hates that place cause he had to do community service there, so no draggin him.

i took all but a few extensions out. id been meaning to for a while now, but last night i was actually bored enough to do it. i did a real good job about not cutting my own hair, but you should have seen how much hair fell out when i brushed from my scalp. i knew that was gonna happen, though. i could see those hairs popping out from the top of the extension. i feel naked now. whish i could just dye my fuckin hair. i seriously cant believe i lost so much hair. the brush would get stuck not even part way down. once id get it through id have to clean it out. i was like wtf how could i lose so much hair in such a tiny section. when i saw how much was gonna popping out from the braid i had a dream the entire thing fell out. hahahaha. i should just shave my hair off and make wigs for when i want hair. stupid human hair is expensive, though, and ventilating is tedious as hell.

i have to go to the beauty supply store. oh, joy. i know what i need, i just dont know what its called. not today, though. i need other things before that.

ok, thats it. i fuckin hate those god damn fuckin talking banner adds that kazzaa displays. makes me want to stick my fist through the fuckin monitor. no more kazzaa. they deserve to be tortured.

christ, im having problems today. id i havent even finished this bottle. what a shame, im becoming a lush. id rather be smoking weed$@#!#$!@!

oh, man. i want a boyfriend who can play the piano. yeeeah.
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breast clinic

gonna make appointment. think the lump has gotten bigger.

last night i dreamt that i sliced around half of my nipple, and green stuff came out. that was on the other side of the nipple, i wasnt going for the lump. dont know why. im tempted. takes every ounce of control not to when im awake.
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