December 2nd, 2002


its fucked.

all day, no one is on. noooooo one to talk to. fuckin middle of the night, EVERYONE IS ON. this has happened the last few times ive stayed up late. all day im going insane, and right when im ready to passout, everyone shows up. this is when i am usually sleeping, damnit#$@!$@#!
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dirty rice

mmmmmm. moms makin it. i likes me some dirty rice. id have inhaled it all, cept when i walked in, i inhaled the rest of the celery/olive salad that she made on thanksgiving. not so hungry anymore.

spent $70 something at jiffylube. gonna spend have to more than that next time. i should have just spent it this time. damn, i fucked up. *now* it occurs to me. how fuckin stupid. well, that was a waste of $40 something. im an idiot.

work was slow/boring. can not fuckin stand that.

i want my dirty rice. now, damnit.

head hurts.

this fuckin sleeping pill is gonna put me out before i get my dirty rice.!@!$#!@#@!$@! mmmmm, dirty rice. mmmmm, sleep. now if i only had my own personal stud of a massage therapist!$@#!$#!@$#!

when im rich ill come home, take a bath, get a massage, get fed, get stoned, eat desert and go to sleep. yeeeah. coming home is gonna rule.

woohoo! rice is done$#@!$@!$#!

must i put lemon/chili/salt, hot sause or ground red peper on eveything? guess so.

wish my mom would lose her voice. im sorry you had to stand for 30 seconds you fuckin cow, but i was trying to get some food before you ate it all. shut your fat fuckin face.

i still cant believe she wanted to argue about what i ate on thanksgiving. the bitch cant take a shower with the lights on, or use a regular scale (doesnt go that high). i doubt shell starve to death if her 100 pound daughter eats some fuckin food.

shes gonna out live me, i just know it.
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