December 10th, 2002


my mom is gonna freak

hiedi called. we talked for a while, then i called her back and we talked some more. when my mom see the phone bill shes is gonna frrrrrrreak. oooh, well. shes already bitching cause im home today, which means im using her electricity. she cant fuck with me, though. ive got shit on her. she even tries and she can go be an lazy annoying fatass in jail.

think my head is finally starting to feel better. fuckin jag wanted to play "go". staring at those dots was making me blind. i should go get my sunglasses since we supposedly have a "date" later this evening.

hiedi thinks im gonna drive myself crazy. i think ill be just fine. i just need more hands, and space. oh, and money. lets not forget money.
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i wanna look at clothes. where do you shop? show me your favorite stuff.

FINE, DONT. YOU SUCk!#$@!$@#!
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i got bored again waiting for my "date"

who is now late. surprise, surprise. lord knows you can count on jag to be a man(?) of his word. strange how it wasnt even *my* idea to play go tonight, or in the first place.

anyhow, my ruling planet is mars. get this: "as mars was the god of war, this planet is is best placed when its sign and aspects allow it to easily release the energies of aggression, courage, passion, ambition, assertiveness, and sexuality. when the energies are blocked because of an affliction, by sign or aspect, anger is reduced to silence or sarcasm, sexual passion is frigidity and impotence, courage is reduced to passivity, and ambition is dissipated by halfhearted and spurious attempts at accomplishment. on a more aggressive level the energy is misdirected, the personality is argumentive, temperamental, rash, and pushy. personal activities are undertaken in convulsive fits and starts only to be ultimately abandoned. this planet is is considered malefic by nature, and when negatively affecting a personal point in the natal chart by transit, it has the force to be severely disruptive."

oh, i like this one too: "the only thing that hold you back from getting what you want, is spending too much time thinking about it". heh, heh.

oh, and i remembered that dwaine is a leo ("together we are the principle of passion personified"). of course, he would be the one that refuses to have sex with me!$#!@$#!@! :oP

i am amused:

No man performs a duty for mere duty's sake;
the act must content his spirit FIRST.
He must feel better for DOING the duty
than he would for shirking it.
Otherwise he will not do it.

he gets what he came for.
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i was passing out around 6pm, so i made coffee. now im never gonna get to sleep. i was soooooo sleeeeeeepy. this fuckin sucks. i should have slept then. hope i get to sleep soon. at least ill sleep through the night once i do get to sleep.

oh, i called chris trendy. did i mention that? dont think he was too happy. that was a week or two ago. the day i was picking on him, and touched his hair. oh well.

i dont like it when guys try hard to impress. wish people relaaax, and be themselves. where am i gonna find myself a decent guy? :o\

its 3am and i decided i just had to have ground red pepper, so made ramen and coated it, then mixed it all in. im never gonna be able to sleep with my mouth on fire.

oh, its coolong. still not sleepy. wtf?


oh, my, god. i hit the wrong button so she won even after i took every one of her stones!@##!@$#@!


oh, god. its 5am, now and you know what that means? dots.

leah: i can't believe it's 5am
leah: we rule!

yeah, were hardcore.
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