December 13th, 2002


i hate being cold

its the worst. fuckin aye, wish i hadnt gone to sleep so early. then i would be under the warm blanket right now. i guess i still could be, but i had to pee, then got hungry. so i had to take care of all that, and now im here. in sweats and a jacket, freezin my ass off.

i think i need to buy a different lotion for my face. i seem to be breaking out more than usual (breaking out for me is having a few pores that *might* be clogged, that i just have to fuck with). so last night i tried to clean out some pores, then saw what a mess i was making, decided just to clean my face real well, and put on one of those mud masks. now its all good. the mint or whatever, in this mask must help get rid of the red, cause whenever i pop something and dont use the mask, i have that red spot forever. if i use it, i wake up and its all betta. you cant even tell that i fucked with my face last night, aaand the zits are gone. but, it ooonly works if i put it on right after i fuck shit up. if i wait till the next day, the red stays.

i should probably wash my hair today, but i wanna dye it since took all the blonde out, so im thinkin no. if i dye it before work, then id get to wash it. but for some reason, i like to dye my hair at night. i wonder what i did with the dye.

guys at work are too nice. sometimes i dont ask to help cause they seem like they might be in a bad mood, but when i do theyre always cool, aaand good about thanking me. sometimes over and over again. most people would be like "yeah, whatever, thanks". these guys actually come lookin for me before they go home, n shit to say thanks AGAIN. even when i dont help some of them, just to say bye. i just know im never gonna work with a crew as nice as this again. ever!@$#!@#$! :o\ today is friday so im thinkin, beer and pizza? yeah, yeah, yeah?#$@!?#@!? then i can get drunk and offer people sex again :oP oh yeah, and on monday i spend a few hours talking to one of the supervisors and hes like super impressed. i guess the chick that was there just before me didnt do much, and treated it as more of a social event. i was like "no way, im here to get fucked up" :oP

i wanna watch joe dirt. i wonder if tom has the dvd. hed probably never let me take it out of his house, anyway. it be more like "youre gonna have to watch it here" then, "now, lets go drinkin!".

now i seem to be used to the cold. the cold is the worst part about wakin up.

woohoo, my books were shipped yesterday. want my books nowww.

oh, yeah. ive been having to pee a lot lately. i dont see why, its not like ive been drinking a ton. aaand my pee is almost clear. again, i havent been drinking a ton. also, i never have to pee at work. but in the middle of the night, 2-3x, fuck yeah.

phrase of the day was "DUMP THE STUPID BITCH". too much talk radio for chris.

poor g0sh had to be up by 4am :o\

g0sh: some one has to support your gold digging ass
g0sh: :-)
xangelicdestinyx: WHERES MY GOLD THEN?!#@!?$!?
g0sh: platinum?
xangelicdestinyx: YEEEEEEEAH
g0sh: ice on the wrist
xangelicdestinyx: ICE ICE BABY
g0sh: rock the mic like a vandal, step on stage and wax a chump like a candle
xangelicdestinyx: hahahahah
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oh, yes. im a sicko.

there are some things i just dont feel guilty about. like being mean or using certain people. lets use tom as an example. last time i went over there, he said hed feed me. he did, and i hung out for a while. but then he wanted to hit the bar, and i was like "ok, well, have fun. i gotta go". sure he got aggravated with me, but who cares. tom gets off on being an asshole to people, so being rude like that doesnt phase me. had it been someone real sweet, id have forced myself (most likely suckered) to hang a bit longer and go to the bar (shit, why not. free beer, right?). same goes with talkin shit. some people i wouldnt talk shit to, or about, cause id feel bad. though, there are others where pointing out how retarded they are (i wont name names), is like, the highlight of my fuckin day!@$!#$@!@#$

i think ive had too much coffee.
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sky blue

that shit is pretty tasty. chris decided to drink so i went and picked up the sky blue. i went the wrong way though, so it too 30 mins. he called my cell "WHERES MY FUCKIN BOOZE"? i dont know how he got the number, though. he said its on the board. what fuckin board? he also says he stalks me at night. wouldnt that be nice :oP siiilly white boy. oh, and elvis brought some books for me to look at. hes sooo nice. and he gives (offers!) me cigarets. so does chris. i like them boys. i likes all dem boys (+ one girl). if theres a board of numbers, im taking em all down so i can harass everyone. forever and ever. theyre fucked now!@#!$@#!$#!

weekend time. miss work already. guess i could sleep. sleep is good.

oh, skeet ulrich. isnt he hot? think hes the star of one of the shows were workin on (miracles). i dont know, but thats what elvis said. if hes hot, im like gonna be droolin all over myself. some actor from that show came in today. he was nice. he was like "this place is sooooo cool". elvis was like, "theres coffee in there if you want it" and he was like "no way, i wanna stay out here. this is where all the cool stuff is". he was all excited. it was cute.

nevermind. i just looked him up.
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